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About our Company

My wife and I started this business about 20 years ago. We are now located notrhern Michigan, Mackinaw city to be exact. The Mackinac area is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The location where Lake Michigan and Lake Huron meet is called the Straits of Mackinac. It is home to the famous Mackinac Island and The equally popular tourist destination The Mackinac Bridge. Please check them out online.

Our business approach was simple. Create the best possible product, use the very best materials available, give the customer more than they paid for, and finally, stand behind our products 100%.

We have always been in the custom art and design business. I started as an airbrush artist about 30 years ago and am still to this day. I have painted on almost every surface and any subject matter from classic to the most contemporary of styles. I have reproduced, with the airbrush, some of the most famous works of art and created many originals on fabrics, clothing, cars, helmets, and my favorite, interior and exterior wall murals. We hope to have a link up soon to showcase some of my work.

Although we still create airbrush work in our store, we have focused some of our resources and talent on creating custom personalized signs. They have have become so popular, they now are about 50% of our workload. We may carve about 10 to 20 signs a day all summer long. We still use the same 'no compromise' approach to create some of the most affordable, unique, quality personalized signs perfect for any personal or business uses.

Over the last 5 years, we have perfected a sign carving system using a state of the art CNC router to cut our signs. This system not only creates a beautiful and affordable sign, but one that is maintenance free. Since it is almost impossible to photograph all our signs, we have used computer generated renderings. They are also all done in white so you can see the details. Due to the limitations of the computer, there are slight imperfections in the renderings only. YOUR CUSTOM SIGN WILL BE CUT PERFECTLY!

Thanks for visiting our website. You can shop online by clicking the button above. If you order a sign online, can have it delivered by USPS. All our custom signs are SHIPPED FREE in the continental United States, or come by the store in Mackinaw City, Michigan to pick it up. Just let us know when you expect to arrive. We are open May thru October.